The so-called wildlife at the park was not so wild -- it was practically domesticated. This was a rare opportunity to really meet the animals up close.
Dolphins that swam next to the beach:

Possums looked for handouts if you were out walking in the evening:

But most amazing were the 'roos. A large mob lived right in the resort and they were very used to people. So used to people that they came right up to you!
Here is Nik shaking hands with an adolescent kangaroo that came for a visit. The handshake was initiated by the kangaroo -- it grabbed Nik's hand! I think he was hoping to be invited in for a cuppa and some telly.

Ian trying to shoo a kangaroo momma out of our cabin. She came in Christmas morning while I was cooking pancakes:

My favorite was the cutest kangaroo toddler:


Tina in CT said...

OMG! I want to go there and shake hands with a roo! You are having the most wonderful adventures!

Anonymous said...

And your possums are much cuter than ours, they even have bushy tails.
The roos are so cute, my favorite is your teenager.
Did you give them something to eat? What do they like?

Katya said...

We didn't feed them because it's a national park. Ok... The kids gave them grass. And I finally got the mom to leave our cabin by tempting her with a bite of pancake. :-) Shhh...

At the next park the campground notes recommended fruit so we fed apples slices to the 'roos there.

Anonymous said...

One of our raccoons likes apple slices too.

Anonymous said...

once the bouncy little monster enters your home it's fair game: kangaroo is damn tasty!

i recommend it on pizza.