Glimpses of our homeschooling week

Here's a little peek into our hectic week...
Nik's almost done with Explode the Code 1:

Too bad Ben was playing 10-pairs Go Fish and not regular Go Fish:

Mostly we have been learning about the Great Barrier Reef. Ben is coloring the animals of the Great Barrier Reef by phylum (as in Kingdom-Phylum-Class-...):

We've learned:
- about biomes, polyps, zooxanthellae, photosynthesis, all sorts of toxins, and symbiotic relationships.
- which Phylum and Class the animals of the GBR belong to. Did you know that corals, anemones, and jellyfish are all the same phylum? A jellyfish is just an upside-down anemone!
- how to pronounce cnidaria (nye-dah-ree-ya).
- that that squids, clams and sea slugs are all in the same phylum but the sea cucumber is not! The sea cucumber is in the same phylum as sea stars and sea urchins.
- really gross things about the sea cucumber that I do not care to repeat...If you are curious you can read about them HERE. EEEEW.
After doing all of this reading Ben has discovered a new animal he can't wait to see -- the nudibranch.


Tina in CT said...

Have a vacation there!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, I do not think I ever seen a creature like sea snail.
Keep an eye on octopus, he seems to be a very clever and cute creature. Yulik became a big fan of them lately and collects very funny movies about them.
Have a nice trip.