Saturday in the City with Dad

These are actually from the last two weekends, I've gotten a little behind in my postings... between figuring out our return, planning our trip to the Great Barrier Reef, etc things have been a little hectic. But here are some highlights of the last two "Adventure Days" as the kids call them.
Joining massive pillow fights in front of the museum:

Eating at their favorite restaurant:

Climbing the walls:

Staying out late:

Having fruitful adventures:


Tina in CT said...

You guys always find the most interesting things to do with the boys. They will look back on all of this with fond memories.

Anonymous said...

Is it the restaurant Nic wanted us to go and we never did? The "Chinesetown" restaurant?

Katya said...

Yup. The kids are regulars there -- they eat dinner there every time they go an "adventure day."