After we got back I realized we took almost no pictures of Cairns. Woops.

What surprised me the most about Cairns was that mountains rise dramatically right behind the town. Most of the week the mountains were hugged by low hanging clouds. This was especially dramatic as the sun set and the bats came out. Bats? Yes. GIANT bats. Our hotel room was on the 6th floor. Every evening, just as the sun set, thousands of giant bats flew up from the trees in the nearby park and took off for the night. For about 45 minutest there was a non-stop stream of bats flying by our hotel:

Since Cairns does not have a beach, the town buildt an amazing pool complex. The kids love going to the pool so we stayed right across the street from it. We went to the pool on our down days, we went straight from the boat, we went in the evenings. Nik learned to snorkel and Ben learned to free dive in the pool:

Ben felt right at home in Cairns:

Hanging out on the local art:


Tina in CT said...

Yikes bats!!!!! They would give me the creeps.

You must be busy in packing mode right now.

Katya said...

The bats are huge. They have a 2-3 foot wingspan! Luckily I actually like bats and these are particularly cute with fuzzy faces like foxes.

I am in panic mode. I keep walking around the house trying to figure out where the &(*& to start.

Anonymous said...

Are those bats flying foxes, like the ones you have in Melbourne in the fig tree?
I love bats, they are so nice and useful. Unfortunately, here they are getting sick with some powdery mildew and dying out. I keep an eye every evening for our 3 bats to come out to eat mosquitoes. Have not seen them yet. Too bad.