Happy Mother's Day

7 month ago we set off on our first weekend adventure -- a trip to the Mornington Peninsula; yesterday we bookended our Australian experience by spending Mother's Day at Sorrento Back Beach. Unfortunately, because we are leaving in a week, we actually spent most of the day packing but we took a nice break for the afternoon and drove out to Sorrento for a couple of hours.

When we pulled up the ocean was the most dramatic we have seen. 15-20 foot waved crashed off shore:

Even at low tide waves washed as far as the beach and the whole shelf was flooded. Luckily the pools closest to the shore were pretty calm and the boys had a great time:

I wandered up and down the beach, waded in the water looking at starfish and anemones, and skipped rocks. Ian took one last swim at the deep swimming home. It was a perfect ending to our Australia adventure:


Tina in CT said...

What a way to spend the afternoon on Mother's Day. A nice ending to 7 spectacular months living as an Aussie.

I spent the day gardening and since it was windy and cold, it was ideal for me as I hate the heat.

Happy Mother's Day and packing this week.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can not even recognize the beach. The waves are so dramatic.
Good that you could make it, even for a couple of hours, to this wonderful beach.

OSG said...

Hi, i've been reading your blog since you introduced yourself on the Rockpool homeschool forum. I think you and your family have put me to shame, I'm Melbourne born and bred but you seem to have seen more of Victoria than I have!

Have a good trip back home :)

Tina in CT said...

You'll all be back home so soon! I'm sure you're excited and anxious to be back in your own house (and beds) and to have Shadow back with your family.

Hope the last minute packing is going well.

You've had such a great time in Australia, I'm sure the departure is bittersweet.

Have a safe trip home.