Ocean Freedom

Nik was pretty scared and didn't get into the water much our first day out so on Monday we took him to the pool and coaxed him into practicing until he could put his head into the water. On Tuesday we had originally planned to go to an outer reef but I couldn't face another 90 minute to 2 hour boat ride so we talked to several boats and settled on Ocean Freedom because it took only 45 minutes to get out to Upolu Cay and Upolu Reef.

Despite a rather dismal, cloudy and rainy start, the weather picked up when we got out to the reef and we got patches of sunshine. The sea was also the calmest we saw all week so it was a beautiful day.

Nik got up the courage to snorkel with Ian and he loved the glass-bottom boat tour. Nik finally saw fish, corals, and turtles and he was enchanted. He lay on Ian's back and put his head into the water over Ian's shoulder. Ben was so excited about snorkeling I couldn't keep him out of the water.

Over lunch we dangled our toes overboard and fed shrimp heads to the batfish swimming by our toes.

We had a great day!


Tina in CT said...

What an experience!

Anonymous said...

Poor Nic! He is way too small for this huge ocean.

Katya said...

He actually had a good time the second and third days... he really loved Upolu Cay. He ran all over the island, played in the sand, and the water around the cay was so calm and shallow that he could walk over to see the fish and corals.

The first day he was pretty scared -- the seas were pretty big for such a small kid. The seas were big the third day, too but by then he was feeling pretty brave.

Anonymous said...

I guess, because Nic is so good at hiking, I, sort of forgot, how small he really is. He is not even 6 yet. And the ocean is just so huge. Glad to hear that he enjoyed some of it.