Ocean Freedom: Upolu Reef

While Ian and the boys did a glass-bottom boat tour and ate lunch I went out for a little more snorkeling by myself:

I saw hard corals of every color teeming with fish:

And neon-bright soft corals:

Incredible underwater gardens:

Giant clams that I could fit inside:

And fish that were every color of the rainbow:

I saw another blue-spotted ray and more blue starfish but I STILL didn't get any pictures of either one.

We forgot to take the camera when we headed out to the Cay (a small, sandy island) so we don't have any pictures. Nik raced up and down the beach and splashed in the shallow water. He and Ian walked around and looked at the corals and fish that were visible just below the surface, Ben enjoyed building sand fortifications, and I looked at shells in the shallow water.


Anonymous said...

it is hard to get a feeling for the size of the things because there is not a recognizable reference for me in any of the pictures. I can not even imagine that the giant clam is so giant.

Katya said...

Some of the clams were so huge that I could have easily fit inside one. There were a couple of empty shells... I wish I had gotten Ben to dive into one and taken a picture. That would have been great...

Joe Ganci said...

Very cool photos, and I imagine that the real thing has got to be gobs better. I have taken photos of places like The Garden of the Gods near Colorado Springs and am always dismayed by how "small" everything looks. I'm sure photos of the Grand Canyon and Niagara Falls don't do them justice either, and this year I'll finally go see the Grand Canyon in person! Oh, and all the photos I've taken of the area where my sister and mom live in Italy - so gorgeous, so expansive, so deep, and the photos are like - meh, nice but lack the real splendor of the real thing - really.

Anyway, I just glanced myself in the mirror and I've got a weird emotion on my face that I can't quite place. Oh, wait, I just realized what it is - JEALOUSY! LOL