Argh! I'm drowning in a paper tsunami...

The boys went to visit Ian's dad in Ohio so I have been dealing with mountains of paperwork. How can we have SO much paperwork?! I have spend 2 days filing/sorting/disposing of paperwork. Boxes and boxes of it. Articles we clipped. Articles we printed. Old bills. Random scraps. Brochures from places we visited a decade ago. I have 4 boxes full of paper that needs to go to recycling and 2 boxes that need to go to a shredder. And I keep finding more paper...

On a positive note the attic is almost completely sorted. Next Friday we have a garage sale and then what is left gets picked up. I will be so glad to be rid of the stacks of boxes in every room!


Tina in CT said...

Want to come do mine now?

I'm hoping when Tami's father is here that he and I can go up to the attic one evening and bring down tons of stuff for the dump, recycling at the dump and shredding.

I have several large piles of paperwork in the kitchen to sort tomorrow evening and evenings this week before the Muscovites arrive.

I'll finish cleaning tomorrow. I saved the kitchen to last as it's the biggest job.

Of course the yard needs weeding but I can't do everything at once. I do have to get out and water when the sun sets as I haven't watered the flower beds in several weeks as we always had enough rain but with the strong sun and dry air today, it'll need it.

Doesn't it feel uplifting to sort and get rid of all that stuff?

I feel great knowing that my house is relatively clean but for the kitchen.

Anonymous said...

Invest in the good shredder! And use all this paper garbage to mulch your garden. Yuli just did that(bought a really nice shredder) and the shredder works miracles on all my endless magazines. I bet all my compost bin worms are very cosmopolitan by now.

Katya said...

I am the shredder-killers. We are on our third shredder... I need an industrial-strength shredder.

It feels really great to go through all of this stuff. It will feel even better once it is actually out of my house!!