So what exactly have we been doing?!?

What we have been doing...
Cleaning out the attic. When we left for Australia we boxed up the contents of our house and filled the attic. Slowly we have been bringing down our stuff, box-by-box, and sorting. Our goal was to throw away/give away/sell half the contents of the attic to de-clutter... we have been hugely successful. Going away for 8 months really puts perspective on what you need -- half of our bedroom is piled with yard sale/goodwill boxes.

Cleaning out the basement. See Cleaning out the attic.

What we have not been doing:
- Going on adventures
- Taking photos
- Prepping for the next year of homeschooling
- Doing summer-school


Tina in CT said...

I'd better de-clutter my house, attic, areas under the eaves and cellar before I die or Tami will kill me.

Anonymous said...

I give up...
You have to kill me when I die.
We had the dumpster ordered twice and it barely made the dent

Tina in CT said...

I've lived in my house for 33 years so you can imagine the clutter. I even save gift boxes so I'll always have one when needed for a gift. I also have what I refer to as my "store" so when I need a last minute gift, I don't have far to go to shop.