Saving the drama for yo' mama...

I guess I shouldn't be surprised when, only 2 weeks into the school year, I got that all-too-familiar call.
"Hi Katya, it's Molly." I'm on a first-name basis with the school nurse; she doesn't even bother saying who she is or where she is calling from. I recognize her voice immediately.
"Uh oh. What happened now?"
"Nik fell and has a bloody nose. He is upset. Do you want to come get him?"

So I run over to the school to pick him up and he doesn't just have a bloody nose... his face looks like he got in a fight with the asphalt on the playground. He has scratches all down the side of his face, and his nose is caked with the blood they couldn't wash off. Upon further inspection, his nose even looks a little crooked.

I got him home, iced his face, put his nose back to straight, and we watched Spongebob for a while. I asked him what happened and he said he fell while standing in line to go inside. This seemed a little odd. Who falls that hard while standing in line? It took most of the evening to get the rest of the story... He suddenly felt tired and nauseous; he blinked and then fell asleep. He woke up on the ground. A---HA. He fainted. That explains how he managed to scratch up his face so badly but not his arms. Unfortunately he was the last kid in line and his class had started to walk towards the building so no one saw him faint.

So, of course, this morning I called his pediatrician. Who, of course, wanted to see him right away. What a crazy ending to a busy week.


Tina in CT said...

Pook Nik (and mom). You'll feel much better once he's seen the pediatrician. Could it be the high heat and having just been running around and lack of water?

Joe Ganci said...

Poor little guy (and little mom!). What did the doc say?

Katya said...

That it was probably the high heat and lack of water... but just in case they want him to see the cardiologist.

Tina in CT said...

Good to rule out anything.

It's what I figured from the high heat and lack of water.

Since you have such high heat there, do kids take water bottles to school?

Anonymous said...

poor guy... i hope he got the asphalt as good as it got him.