A little belated, pics of CT...

Right after Ian accepted the new job, we decided to go on a little reconnaissance trip to CT to check out the towns. We found a great, last-minute deal to White Plains airport and called my parents to see if they wanted visitors for a night. To my surprise, my mom sounded a little hesitant on the phone. When we landed in CT, she mentioned that we should stop and get some pizza on the way home. My mom is a great cook with a huge garden so I was surprised she hadn't cooked... as we drove by her house on the way to the pizza place, Ian noticed a bunch of trucks in their driveway. It turns out my parents had finally decided to gut their kitchen... and demolition had started a couple of days previous!

Luckily, the weather was beautiful so we set up a table in the front yard and spent all our time outside.
Hanging out:

Picking vegetables in the garden:

Talking on the phone:

Even taking showers:

I warned him not to play in the dirt!

And reliving our own remodeling experience:

I'll post pics of out recon trip tomorrow.


Tina in CT said...

Just think how nice it will be when it's all done.

What a nice wooded setting and great garden.

Anonymous said...

It looks worse in the pictures. I guess I am not willing to see the level of destruction...