After a week of feeling panicky and overwhelmed I woke up this morning actually feeling excited about the move.
Maybe it was the full night's sleep I got?
Maybe it was the good session we had with our CT realtor on Friday?
Maybe it was all the sugar I had yesterday...

Atlanta has one of the best gluten-free fairs in the country. 70 vendors come from all over the country to give out coupons and samples, talk to customers, and let people try their treats. Since GF foods vary so widely in quality this is a fantastic event -- I discovered I really didn't like the expensive cookies I had been eyeing, found a new GF hard cider that is dry, bought some whoopie pies from my favorite baker, and had waaaaaay to many cookies and bits of cake. It was wonderful. I also got some samples of products that I had wanted to try but was reluctant to buy a $7 box. Some GF products are so bad that even my kids won't eat them!

Time to go work on getting the house ready to go on the market!


Tina in CT said...

Hopefully you'll find some good GF bakeries and shopping areas once you move to CT.

Good luck with the packing/getting the house ready for the market. I hope a buyer comes along right away.

Anonymous said...

Good luck!