Too much fun?

How much fun is too much?

On Friday Ben had an all-afternoon playdate with a friend. Then we all made pizzas together. Then I dropped them off at Friday Night Skate for two hours. Friday Night Skate is held at a local church and is only open to 4-6th graders. The kids really look forward to being old enough to go. At FNS they strap on roller skates and spend two hours racing around, knocking each other over, clinging to the walls, falling down, and generally having a great time. The chaos and noise are indescribable. Ben was giddy with excitement and sugar when he got home.

On Saturday, after rushing around to get the house ready for an early morning showing, we headed to the school for 3.5 hours of rides, cotton candy, pizza, and games. The result? Two very happy, sugar-high boys:

Then Ben's friend came over for the afternoon and evening. They were both so tired from so much excitement that they just lay on the couch and watched Scooby Do. Apparently there IS such a thing as too much fun.


Anonymous said...

They certainly look like they had too much fun! Good thing it does not happened too often.

Katya said...

FNS is actually almost every week!

Next week Ben has FNS, followed by a sleepover, followed by a pancake breakfast, followed by a combined birthday party for 4 boys...

:-) These next couple of weeks are a little crazy.

Tina in CT said...

What a socialite! Lots of fun for Ben. Is Nik out of sorts as he's not old enough to go?