An update, finally

Sorry I have not posted... it has been a terribly stressful couple of weeks. To get our house on the market we have had to de-clutter, stage, and do all those house-prep things. Ian and I worked from morning till night and collapsed, exhausted, every day.

Last week we went to Connecticut to buy a house. By ourselves.We saw 40 houses over 3 days... and liked a couple but did not fall in love with anything. We made an offer on one we liked but could not agree on a price because the owners were unwilling to move at all. So, on Friday morning, we really did not know what to do. We were talking with the realtor when she said, "Wait. There is a house coming on the market today at 1. Drive by and tell me what you think -- I might be able to get you in." We were supposed to be leaving for the airport at 1 but we drove by the house and called her and said, "We have to see this house."

We saw the house. We spent until 2 writing an offer. We almost missed our flight!!

That night we heard nothing so we started to get worried. The next afternoon we found out we were in a multiple-bid situation so we had an hour to prepare our best offer. Then we waited. And they pushed off the decision. And we spent another 24 hours feeling nauseous. Finally, just as I was making dinner on Sunday, we found out -- WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So what did we get?
A 1700 sq ft ranch with 2 bedrooms.

I can hear you saying, "What?!?!?" all the way from down here in Georgia.

Let me tell you why we fell in love... we pulled into the driveway and we could see the whole Farmington Valley from the driveway. The house sits at the top of a 2 acre meadow with wildflowers and a pond. The interior of the house is amazing -- gleaming hardwood floors, those beautiful vintage black-and-white bathrooms, an open floor plan, a HUGE porch. And every room has views. The basement is walkout and fully plumbed for a bathroom so we are going to finish it and put in 2 bedrooms, a bath, and a play room.
Did I mention there is almost 5000 acres of trails just up the street from the house?
And this house is districted to the elementary school we really liked?
We are in love. I woke up with a HUGE smile on my face this morning for the first time in a month.


Tina in CT said...

Email me where you bought please. The house sounds like it has tons of pluses. So glad it worked out for you. When do you arrive in CT?

Anonymous said...

Can not wait to see the house and the views!