Belated Halloween pics

I finally found both the battery charger for the camera AND the thingy for downloading pictures... so here are pictures from Halloween. :-) A little late.

Ben, sewing his costume:

Ben was The Hooded One from Bone. Here is his finished costume:

Nik was a mummy:

And I was a kid from Camp Half-Blood (Percy Jackson series):


Tina in CT said...

Ben did a super job. You all 3 look great.

How's the cleaning with the toothbrush?

How does Shadow like the empty house?

Katya said...

Bored with cleaning... drawing instead. :-)

Shadow HATES the empty house. He refuses to stay in it. Every time I let him in, he wants to go back out.

Anonymous said...

Ben looks very professional at the sewing machine!
Nice and scary costumes.
I would think that Shadow should like the empty house - more room to run around. He must feel the change coming and that what he does not like.

Tina in CT said...

Maybe Shadow doesn't like the echoing in the house with no furniture and rugs.