The house is empty... the corners are filled with dust bunnies. I plan on sweeping each room using a toothbrush to keep myself busy. :-)

Thanks to some friends we have 2 comfy camp chairs, a small tv, and 3 inflatable beds.

I have highs and lows. I dropped the kids off at school and fought to keep back the tears while I explained why they were back... then I got home, made myself cozy, and now I am feeling pretty optimistic. Must be the beautiful sunny day.

Or the Scotch.


Tina in CT said...

After you "sweep" the floors with the toothbrush, get a few good books to read while you and Shadow curl up on an air mattress (with the scotch).

Anonymous said...

It is scotch!
And you can start using a toothpick instead of toothbrush. It will help.
Did you get cheerful dishes from Target?