Chanukah, Chanukah...

Chanukah, Chanukah,
Festival of teeny, tiny lights...

Holidays in a hotel are tricky.

The movers packed our menorahs; both of them are in storage somewhere in Massachusetts so the boys and I went out in search of menorahs. We drove ALL over town and we finally found one at ... drumroll please... Walmart! It wasn't in the holiday section, of course -- it was sandwiched between potato chips and canned pumpkin in the food section.

In the end we got an adorable, teeny-tiny menorah. It uses birthday cake candles and it about 5" tall. We also got a couple of dreidels and some gelt. I promise to post pics once I find that *!*#& thingy for downloading them.

For Chanukah you also need to eat something fried... traditionally we make latkes but since we set off the smoke alarm yesterday we needed a ready-made alternative... Luckily the solution was right there in front of us next to the dreidels -- potato chips. Thank you, Walmart, for your ingenious product placement. Chips are perfect -- after all, they are potato AND they are fried in oil! Almost like latkes... and it was either chips or Dunkin Donuts.


Tina in CT said...

Venture to Crown Market at Bishop's Corner in West Hartford (on Rt. 44) and you'll find lots for the Chanukah holiday.

Happy Chanukah!

Anonymous said...

Happy Chanukah!
I did not realize that it started today, I thought it will start tomorrow.
Well, mixed up on my holidays as usual.
I was making Christmas breads today (Tina's cranberry-walnut) using gluten-free flour. It came out looking and smelling very nice.
So it will be Chanukah for us tomorrow.

April Rescigno said...

We once had Easter in a hotel... with a sleeping Johnny in the rental car with dad, I made a mad dash through a Rite-Aid pharmacy so that the Easter bunny could pay a visit. He was four years old at the time, and still remembers it very clearly.