Simsbury Celebrates

Our first weekend in Connecticut coincided with Simsbury Celebrates -- an annual holiday festival. The main street in Simsbury closes to traffic and fills with open houses, carolers, demonstrations, and other holiday excitement. We saw a snowboarding demonstration, a bubble show, and a gingerbread house contest:

Stopped at an pub for dinner and a drink:

Mmm... every drink should come with bacon!

Watched all of the local fire trucks parade by, decorated for the holidays:

And collected hats full of candy canes.

The evening ended with a great fireworks show... and us freezing cold. Even with the coat and boots I borrow from my mom, I was absolutely frozen by the time the fireworks ended. The next morning we went clothes shopping.

On the housing front, we thing things are moving forward relatively smoothly. Fingers crossed, we will be in the house by Christmas... I don't want to talk about it too much because I am afraid of jinxing the process...


Katya said...

Yes, I finally found a way to download pics. :-)

Tina in CT said...

Hoping you'll soon be in your house with your things and your own beds.

I've been to Simsbury Celebrates and it's fun.

You need to get your blood used to CT winters again.

Anonymous said...

You all do look frozen. And the coat is not all that warm anyway.
Hope kids got nice warm boots to wear.