So... how are things?

A couple of days ago was the last night of Hanukkah and I finally got a good picture of our cute menorah...

On the positive front, I got the kids registered for school. Today they meet their teachers and they start on Monday.

On the negative front, I have daily panic attacks that something will happen and this purchase will still fall apart. And the kids have been driving me nuts. And it is freezing outside. And I am not sure we will have our stuff by Christmas. And I miss everyone so much it hurts. And the one friend we have made is moving to Dubai on Sunday. And I don't really want to talk about it all so I am not answering emails or returning calls or texts (sorry GA friends... I love you... I promise I will return your calls and emails once I feel a little more positive.)


Sarah said...

Katya, I'm sorry so much is still in transition. We've moved a bit with work and it takes me at least 4 months to feel the new place is 'home'. That's without the housing stress :(

Thinking of you,
Sarah (from TRP in Aus)

Anonymous said...

Just hang on!
This move is a real nightmare of the moves - and I have moved enough in my life to know.

Anonymous said...

Katya, how far are you from southern NH? Larry and I would love to see you and your family! He gets back from Guatemala on the 17th. Any chance we can visit (or you all come here) during the kids vacation?

Sending big hugs and love,

Katya said...

It's like you read my mind! As soon as we figure out when we close/when we get our stuff we would LOVE to see you. We are only 2.5 hours away!

Katya said...

Hi Sarah!
Nikki has been really missing Oz... he wished we had moved back to Oz. :-)

Sarah said...

Katya, we've had a few moves where the kids wanted to go back somewhere else...

Good to know Nikki enjoyed the time here though :)

I hope your housing situation is almost resolved - it's so much easier when you have your things around you.

Oh, and happy birthday! (It's already Monday here...)

Elle Sunkara said...

Yay for the house news!! Nikki's hair is so long. They look like teenagers :P Can't believe it. Happy New Year, sweetie! What a great start to 2011 for you all! Mwah :)