And even MORE snow...

We got dumped on last night... 18 inches of fluffy, light snow made difficult wading for Shadow:

But gave the kids an opportunity to try snowshoes:

The snow was knee deep for me:

The plow guy did the driveway but where to put the snow from the front walk?!

At least the mountains of snow from the plow guy made for great snow caves!


Tina in CT said...

I remember a fantastic snow tunnel that Tami and her friend made after a blizzard when she was around 6th grade. It was really big inside and like an igloo and so neat.

I'm sure your boys are having lots of fun in the snow as it really is a new thing for them.

Poor Shadow. He doesn't look happy. I shovel the walk for Liesel and she goes out, does her thing and is right back at the door.

Katya said...

Shadow is not a big fan of the snow! We have to drag him out the door.

Tina in CT said...

All of my dachshunds have loved the snow. After all the breed is from Germany.

Shadow is a southern boy.