Studio, WIP

Our new house has a finished basement that is almost the same size as our previous house. The rooms are nicely finished, but the previous owners had cats so the carpet needed to be pulled up. We had a local flooring company price out redoing the whole thing and the cost was astronomical -- half of what out kitchen remodel cost in Atlanta! We decided to have them put in carpet in the kids area and we would Pergo the studio ourselves. The Ikea version of Pergo was cheapest... so we went with that:

The Ikea stuff looks nice but the construction is pretty cheap... The laminate is not nearly as nice as Armstrong or Pergo. It is also much harder to lay then Pergo. The pieces do not fit as neatly and perfectly together as we are used to. Many of the pieces needed fiddling with to get them to fit right. Oh well... it was less then half the cost:

At least the room is a rectangle so there weren't too many cuts:

Voila! My studio has a floor!

While we lay the floor of the studio, the carpet guys laid the carpet. Unfortunately, after it was in, they noticed that the pieces of carpet did not match up in color -- the whole roll had dye issues. ARGH!
They are back this week to put in a different carpet. Fingers crossed.


Tina in CT said...

Half the price is much better. That room is fantastic. I'd kill to have a room like that. You probably are better off with flooring as it'll be easier to vacum or wipe up stuff. With being a craft room, there will always be paper, thread, yarn, etc. falling on the floor. Look at what fell on my floor last Sat. that precipitated my vet emergency hospital visit with Liesel.

Anonymous said...

The Ikea floor looks really nice after you put it all together.
Hope the carpet people will fix their part.

Elle Sunkara said...

Looks great!! So happy to see Ian in so many pictures :) I hope that means he's getting his fair share of family time and so are all of you! Lots of love, Elle