Maple Sugaring...

A couple of years ago, my parents decided to tap their sugar maples. The first year was a bit of a fiasco... but in the succeeding years they have refined the process. Every spring they produce a small batch of the most delicious maple syrup. They even brought us a bottle when they came to visit us in Australia!

The kids have always wanted to see how the magic happens, so we drove down to watch the trees get tapped:

Nik helped carry the bucket:

Shadow provided amusement:

The sap was particularly sweet this year. Sweet enough to drink!

(Yes, I know... I am a month behind in posting... I'll try to catch up in the next week)


Anonymous said...

It looks like we all had experienced different weather that day, judging by the way we are dressed in the pictures.

Tina in CT said...

I was wondering about that - flannel shirt to down parka.

Looking forward to Saturday!