Morning Walk, by Ben

It was cold when we went for our walk. We walked to the tennis courts and my mom told me to get the tennis ball that she saw. When I went to go get it, Shadow found a baseball for me. It was hard and round; it kind-of looked like a tennis ball. It was brown with red stripes winding on it.

Shadow tried it out then I played catch with him. He ran and he barked at the ball when he ran. It was funny. Then when he brought it back, he circled me and he dropped it. The ball rolled right to me. Then I let my mom have a turn and we both threw the ball for Shadow. After 5 or 6 throws it was time to go home.

Then we walked in the field together. Shadow would run to one of the little spots into the bamboo forest around us but he knew he shouldn't go in so he ran back to me and walked beside me for a while. After that we walked out of the forest of bamboo around us and came down the sidewalk to the road. Then we walked along the road and we went home.


Anonymous said...

you wrote very nice story. I can just picture your walk and Shadow running for the ball.

Anonymous said...

damn... that sounds like hemingway.


Anonymous said...

save L's comment to use it on Ben when he is older and knows who Hemingway is. Very useful thing to have around in hard times.