Hey Uncle Leo!

Hey Uncle Leo!

Nikki decided he needed a matching scar...

Nik tripped while running down a hill, fell on his scooter, and broke his sunglasses -- the plastic lens cut his eyebrow. We spent four hours in the ER getting six stitches in his eyebrow.

I won't post the pics of when we arrived in the ER -- Nikki's face was so covered in blood that the intake nurse gasped.


Tina in CT said...

What a Thanksiving. Thankfully it was not his eye. You won't forget Thanksgiving '08.

Anonymous said...

nice one... that'll impress the girls when he gets older

All that's left is for him to fall off a log into a thorn bush.


Anonymous said...

Poor Nikki,
the scar look terrible.
Well, now you will have to teach him some Russian:
"Schram na roze, schram na roze dlya muzchin vsego dorogze".
Try to enjoy your turkey today!

Joe Ganci said...