Update on Nik

We took Nik to the pediatrician this morning and his eye looks good... yay.

A little more about our ER adventure...
Since I met Ian and Nik in the ER I had a few minutes to pack a bag... so I packed some picture books, some snacks, and a couple of Christmas toy catalogs.

The catalogs worked surprisingly well at keeping Nik entertained while we waited for the numbing medicine to take effect. He wanted almost everything on every page, of course.

After the numbing medicine was applied they gave him a sedative (by squirting it up his nose!). He was rather upset since it stung his nose so I carried him up and down the hall to distract him. We were looking at a large photo of a tree frog when suddenly his head just flopped sideways and he went limp in my arms -- I almost dropped him! I carried him back into the room... he was awake but weirdly incoherent: as if he was drunk and stoned. When the doc came in he looked up at her and slurred out, "Woh... you look different..." He sounded so funny that she started giggling.


Tina in CT said...

Hopefully this is an experience you won't have to go through again EVER!

Joe Ganci said...

Uhm....how do I get some of that stuff? ;-)